//7 Great Places to Find Free Images Download

7 Great Places to Find Free Images Download

When looking for images with the search engines, you will find hundreds of them in a single search. However, not all are free and using them is a violation of copyright. What’s more, the owner of the photo is likely to be notified by search tools like the TinEye and it means you will be caught red handed. This can lead to exchange of words and worse still, you may end paying damages.

Luckily, it is possible to find free images download and it’s the safest alternative. Some photographers give away all or most their copyright. These images are available online in different libraries. They are excellent and high quality photos that you can add in your website without spending a dime. Here are 7 places where you can download free images.


This online library is a home to more than 400, 000 pictures that cover different topics. It is the best website to start when looking for free pictures. It has a complex licence agreement for the images so it would be good for you read before you decide download them. It is among the most reliable free images download platforms because it has very many pictures.


An image search would be incomplete without checking at Flickr. This is the biggest photo library online where people share photos online. Even the most famous photographers use it and it has thousands of amazing photos. However, some of the people who share their pictures here do not allow people to use them commercially.

Go the Advanced Search Page and look for images under the “Only Search within Creative Commons-licensed content” option. You can also use other options just make sure you get what you want. Once you spot a photo that you can use, check on its right side and see if you use it is free or not. Some images can be used, but there is a limitation on what you can do with them.


OpenPhoto was established in 1998 and over the years, it has built a huge collection of images. It is easy to navigate with the images arranged neatly. They are grouped in categories and therefore it’s easy for you to find what you are looking for. Once you click on any category, you get thousands of images related to your topic.


Stockvault does not have a big collection, but it has very high quality stock photos. You can also find logo templates, backgrounds, textures and clip arts. This is the perfect place to find excellent graphics for a website. However, these images are only free for private and non-commercial activities.


If you are looking for great images without significant restrictions, this is the place to be. Unprofound is easy to use and you can get images without registering with them. It is a non-profit making platform and therefore there are no ads. It is so easy to browse through the images and find exactly what you want. You will not be disrupted by adverts popping up now and then.

Pixel Perfect Digital

This website has more than 4000 interesting stock photos and they are organized in categories including places, animals, abstract, and transportation among others. This library has the best illustrations and digital art collections. Most of the images you find here are not easy to get anywhere else.


There are awesome free images download out there. These are just some of the best places to find them. While most of them have safe and free to use pictures, always read the rights and usage agreements before you use any of them in your project.

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