//A Few Great Sources of Creative Commons Images

A Few Great Sources of Creative Commons Images

According to many experts, a blog post, an article or any piece of content shared on a website will look much better with at least one image included. This will also encourage visitors to share the content or at least stay longer on the website which is obviously beneficial for the website owner. Now, thanks to Creative Commons images, you can use high-quality images without spending a dime on them. This is a type of license that allows users to use other people’s images for free. In most cases, we are talking about free images for both personal and commercial use, but some of them are restricted to personal use.

Now that you know how useful Creative Commons images can be, let’s analyze the best places where you can get them.


Flickr is not a platform where all the images are Creative Commons images. On the contrary, many of their images and media files are offered as paid images. But, with a few clicks, you can start searching exclusively for CC images. Every user is free to upload an image like this as long as it meets specific standards. There are literally thousands of images with excellent quality on this platform and their number is growing every day.

Google Images

This is another simple option. Namely, you can use Google Images to look for Creative Commons images. Just use the menu bar where you can select Tools and Usage Rights and select Creative Commons. As a leading search engine, Google will provide hundreds of results. Of course, the number of results depends on the keywords you’ve used.


Wikimedia is actually the media repository of the world-renowned online encyclopedia known as Wikipedia. Keep in mind that most of the images found there are a little bit dull and many of them are taken with amateur cameras. Yet, they have a Creative Commons license which some people will find useful.


Pixabay is a website that is fully focused on providing access to a long list of Creative Commons Zero licensed images to all users. CC0 means that you can use the images for commercial and personal purposes. We are talking about high-quality, full resolution images that you can use in different projects. The platform has a very efficient search engine that lets you search images by category and by keyword or keyword phrases.

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